Tunnel Mentorship

The Wind Tunnel is an amazing tool

The tunnel has the ability to reveal every bad habit that skydivers develop.

 Due to its capability to display every output, no matter how small, it enables the development of fine motor skills that are directly applicable to skydiving.

During a skydive, participants engage in three sports: flying in an airplane, body fight, and canopy piloting. 

This cycle, which can take up to thirty minutes to repeat on a good day at a turbine DZ, results in an average of only one minute of body fight.

The tunnel allows us to focus solely on body Fight and extend practice time for as long as our financial resources permit.

The instructors at Portland Ifly are excellent and will undoubtedly instill confidence in your flying abilities. 

Their primary responsibility is to teach skills, although some people simply want to fly and practice a particular skillset to gain more experience.

This is where I can provide assistance. Although I am not authorized to "coach" in the tunnel, I can provide drills and act as a safe flying partner while focusing on the areas you wish to strengthen.