Gear and Rigging

Gear, SO MUCH Gear!

When first starting out in skydiving, all the gear and options can feel very overwhelming. 

As a student, you get a crash course in how it works by watching someone explain it in a time sensitive environment. Full understanding is extremely unrealistic.   

When going through AFF you are taught how to Gear Check and make sure the gear is in jumpable configuration, but you have yet to (more than likely) have seen the inside of the reserve tray, the assembly of the AAD or how a soft link works. 

It is hard to trust what you don't fully understand.

Chris Sandberg  NW Parachute Rigging  

Chris is a full time rigger and who I go to when I have questions, need a repack or have anything else rig related. Chris is an exceptional rigger and genuinely enjoys explaining the how's and why's of parachute rigging. He is very humble yet extremely intelligent and a bit of a perfectionist.  

Brian Schneider

Brian is an amazing rigger, AFFI and TI. Brian has been skydiving for a long time and is affectionally referred to as "Skywalker". Brian has an amazing family and is not at the DZ on a regular basis but is still available for rigging work. 

*If you are a rigger and would like to be added, please let me know.