Accelerated Free Fall

AFF is one of many methods to learn how to skydive. This is the method we teach at Heads Up and have found it to be very efficient for most people looking to get into the sport.

            What you think learning the skydive will be like                                 

Vs                                 what it is really is like

We understand that starting a program like AFF, it can be very overwhelming. This is natural I promise you. The Program is Accelerated by design, but it is extremely manageable. How do we eat an elephant? One bite at a time. If you look at the path to getting your license as two separate courses in series, it should start to put your mind at ease.

AFF Course  

Teaches you how to survive skydiving and make life saving decisions if issues arise. 

Cat A = Arch

This is your first skydive, two Instructors with you from top to bottom. All you have to do is be "in" the skydive and pull.

Cat B = Basics

Still have two instructors next to you but you get to start to fly. Turns and Forward movement. 

Cat C1-C2 = Control

C-1 two Instructors, we let you go. C-2 same thing but with one Instructor.

Cat D1-D2 = Direction 

Single instructor small turns, then big turns.

Cat E = Expand

AFF Check dive, flips and shit.

Coaching Program

In the Coaching program you will learn how to safely fly with others while maintaining safe flying practices. Coaches are not Instructors, they are skilled observers and peer mentors.  

Cat f = Flat Tracking

Learn how to get away from your friends at pull time.

Cat G1-G3 = Group

Learn how to get to, match fall rate with and hold hands (dock) with your friends.

Cat H = Hone 

Put it all together and clean it up.

Cat I1-I2 = Immediate Exits

"Low" altitude exits, we call them Hop and Pops, 5,500' then 3,500'.

A License Check Dive

With an Instructor, show us what you got.